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single angle bending members

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If it is any consolation, I have designed many similar lintels. I have always assumed that the compression flanges were adequately braced by the CMU and thru-bolts that I always use. I then use the double angle strength for the system design. I wrote a spread sheet for ASD analysis of single angle members a few years ago, because the equations are so tedious. The catch is that I only wrote it for equal leg angles, and never needed to extend it to unequal legs (the equations are a lot worse). For the 4x4x1/2 angle braced by the CMU, I get a bending capacity of 3000 lb-ft. Hope this helps.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Portland, OR


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Subject: single angle bending members

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I am once again (or still) pondering the question of single angle =
members.  I am looking at lintels for an existing masonry wall.  I have =
the LRFD equations for a 4x4x1/2 angle and compared it to a 6x4x1/2 =
per the LRFD.  Unless I am doing something wrong (and I might be at =
the 6x4 angle has less capacity in flexure than the 4x4 angle.  It just
doesn't seem right.=20


Has anyone found this to be the case?  Does anyone have a reference with =
example that they would like to share with me, in case I am missing
something in the LRFD manua?.  My texts don't cover this aspect.  I =
appreciate a fax if possible.



Joe Grill

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