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Re: OT: MS Office Student and Teacher edition / Office Standard edition

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I, also, have Office 2003, for students, teachers,
etc..  I actually bought it at Walmart hare in Alaska,
for about $100.  But it won't run on my Pant. 3


Redhawk Consulting

--- "Dennis S. Wish, PE" <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)>
> I didn't see this on my digest version for the last
> two days so I 
> assumed it was probably kicked off. I'm trying to
> post again and hope 
> this can be of help to most of you thinking of
> upgrading to Office 2003.
> Dennis
> I hope that this helps some of you who may be
> unaware of a great deal. 
> To qualify you must:
> 1. Be at least a part time student
> 2. Be a teacher
> 3. Be a family member of a student
> 4 Or be associated in any manner (including a tutor)
> to a student or 
> anyone associated with the education industry.
> Microsoft sells a version of Office 2003 Standard
> Edition for those 
> qualifying with any of the above conditions as the
> Office 2003 for 
> Students and Teachers. Staples sells the upgrade to
> any prior version to 
> any Microsoft Office and lists it in their Catalog
> for $145.00. My local 
> store had a tag on the shelf listing the price at
> $135.00 and when I 
> took it up to the counter, it was scanned and the
> price was dropped to 
> $119.95.
> Not only is this a great price, but it can be
> installed at up to three 
> machines and used by three family members at the
> same time. This version 
> is identical to Office 2003 Standard Edition and for
> those of you 
> concerned, each product in the office package (Word,
> Excel, Outlook and 
> Powerpoint) is the full version. For TEDDS users,
> Word (in this package) 
> is fully compatible. There was a question about XML
> which is not 
> provided in the package and is used in the
> programing of TEDDS, but XML 
> is only part of the Office Professional package that
> is provided as an 
> additional module to allow interaction between
> offices to share 
> documents on varying operating platforms. Inasmuch
> as TEDDS is backward 
> compatible with earlier versions of Word that
> support XML programing, 
> there is no problems that I have found.
> If you use Mozilla's Thunderbird for your e-mail
> client but want to keep 
> using the other features in Outlook 2003, you now
> have the option to 
> turn off the e-mail portion of the program and to
> use the other features 
> including you Address book, Tasks, Journals, Notes
> and all other 
> features of Outlook (sans e-mail). The advantage to
> this is the ability 
> to link Outlook with your PDA and not require e-mail
> downloads.
> This was a great advantage to upgrading from my
> previous Dell Installed 
> Office XP package with Office 2003. I also like the
> features that were 
> added to 2003 - as it integrates much better into
> other programs.
> Hope this software tip helps some of you.
> Regards,
> Dennis
> -- 
> *Dennis S. Wish, PE*
> *California Professional Engineer
> Structural Engineering Consultant
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