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Fw: A new way to connect structural to concrete.

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 A new way to connect structural to concrete.

  I have a patent for the VeRost Anchor Plate that will eliminate the dangerous and costly practice of field welding to a blind embed in concrete foundation walls.
  See my web site at where you can right click the picture and save it to my documents folder then open to view or print the picture.
  The benefits of this system are.
  1. Field welding is very labor intensive and expensive as well as dangerous for the Iron worker
who is doing the welding or erection.
  2. With welding there is the chance that current could pass through the sensitive on board computer equipment in the crane.
  3. A beam pocket with anchor bolts is costly to build into the form work, then the beam has to be grouted to elevation. With this system the reinforcing is usually interupted for the pocket.
  4. With field welding there is always the chance of the concrete spalling from the heat of welding.
  5. With field welding the only way to verify the capacity of the weld and connection is through very expensive testing of the weld. A bolted connection can be figured and verified with a visual count of the bolts.
  The erector just bolts the beam same as bolting to a column.
  As with any connection the Engineer of Record must approve this connection for the project that it's used on.
  We provide connections for use on precast or tilt-up panels and for structural steel from a W4 to W36 beam sizes. The beams would be slotted for the normal adjustment allowed for concrete as well as the outstanding legs of the connection angles.
  Please print yourself a copy of this E-Mail for future reference.
  We are taking orders at this time. Call or write for a price list and order form.
  RGM Structural Steel Detailing, Inc.
  P.O. Box 823
  Grand Island, New York
  Phone 716-773-5546 office
            716-731-1340 home
            716-773-5583 fax
            RVEROST(--nospam--at)WORLDNET.ATT.NET  E-Mail
  Thank You
  Russell L. VeRost