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Fw: Structural Steel Book Auction

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  I have ten old books as follows I want to auction to the highest bidder.
  These books are great reference books for those who get involved with older structures.
  The one even has a section on Wrought Iron Beams.
  They are as follows.
1) AISC Iron and Steel Beams 1873-1952 Historical Record
with Wrought Iron Beams               Dated 1953
2) Reinforced Concrete Desin Hand Book
Working Stress Methob  Publication SP-3  3 rd Edition
                                                    Dated 1965
3) Drafting For Engineers by Svensen  2 nd Edition 25 th printing            Copyright  1927,1935 & 1941
4) Theory of Simple Structures  by Shedd and Vawter  2 nd Edition                            Dated 1931 & 1941
5) Steel Construction  by Burt & Sandberg    Dated 1940
6) Hollow Structural Sections Connections Manual                        Dated 1997
7) Bethlehem Structural Shapes Cataloge S-51 Dated 1938
8) Bethlehem Wide Flange Shapes  Dimensions for Detailing S-44                            Dated 1933
9) Design in Structural Steel  by John E. Lothers  2 nd Edition                        Dated June 1965
10) Bethlehem Sections Dimensions and Properties
Cataloge  S 40-A         Dated 1931
I will accept bids for about a week. Bids are for the 10 books. If I receive better offers for single books I reserve the right to sell the individule books.
Thank you
Russell L. VeRost