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Re: Foundation Pinning

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I did not get the sense this was a highly engineered design.  It was warranty work,  and the warranty provider had an engineer that reviewed the contractor's proposals, but I think only one of the three contractors actually used an engineer when coming up with an estimate.
It was complicated by the fact that the warranty only covered the actual foundation work,  it did not pay to restore the landscaping or to repair floor finishes damaged in the course of the repair work.  Or at least  this was the owners' understandings,  based on prior experience of other people in the subdivision who had the work done. 
So while on the one hand, an owner probably would want a lot of work done,  to make sure they had solved the problem, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  on the other hand, this was likely to cost them a lot more than a less extensive repair.
I'm not sure how common this kind of work is in the DC area, but it is common enough for at least three contractors to do it as their only line of work.
Gail Kelley