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RE: Plan Irregularity Type 5

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I too have found the code language confusing for this item - implying
that any non-symmetric system creates a plan irregularity. This is not
merely a problem due to the fact that "a plan checker interprets code
provisions totally contrary to the intent" of the code - it is a problem
with the way the code language is worded. 

Mark - your explanation of the intent is helpful. I hope the code
committee will also consider rewording this provision. 

William C. Sherman, PE 
(Bill Sherman) 
CDM, Denver, CO
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> Paul 
> This provision was always intended to address non parallel 
> systems and that is the way it has been consistently 
> interpreted in California.
> This provision was introduced in the 1988 UBC and was 
> submitted by SEAOC.  At that time I was on the committee that 
> developed these provisions so I believe that I can speak to 
> the intent.
> I have previously seen this phenomena where a plan checker 
> interprets code provisions totally contrary to the intent and 
> the sad part is that there is little you can do about it if 
> he will not accept reason.  
> One option is to ask ICC for a code interpretation and hope 
> that they are more reasonable.  They charge a nominal fee for 
> this effort.  The building official does not have to accept 
> this opinion but it does carry some weight.
> The sad part is that there is no real justification for 
> saying this type of structure has an irregularity.
>  If you do a rational analysic and consider the impact of 
> forces from any direction you should not have a problem. 
> There was one respected member of the association that cited 
> an analysis of a structure that had some unexplained numbers 
> and used this to push for acceptance of this as an irregularity. 
> Mark Gilligan

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