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Concrete column/beam joint detailing

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I don’t usually detail concrete beams and column joints.  I have a condition where a 24x48 beam joins into a 24” wide column.  This is a corner column, beams at 90 degree angles.  This is the top level.  The column doesn’t extend up.


I’ve been looking for details of what happens with the column ties and stirrups and can’t find one.  My memory tells me that the stirrups stop at the face of beam.  Also, the column ties stop at the bottom of the beam.  If this is so then there will be a lot of concrete without horizontal bars confinement.  I have top and bottom bars and 2 layers of intermediate bars in the beam.  Should the column ties extend up into the joint.


If someone has a detail or picture of this that they can email me, I would greatly appreciate it.




Rich Lewis

Lewis Engineering