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CONCRETE: P/S Concrete Beam Analysis & Design Software?

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Title: CONCRETE: P/S Concrete Beam Analysis & Design Software?

It's quiet in here today.

Too quiet.

I'm tempted to make a provocative political statement in order to stir up activity, but I'll refrain (the pointy-headed liberals that infest our list would get mad) ;-))


Anyone here do enough prestressed concrete beam design--preferably BUILDINGS, not bridges--that you have purchased or developed in-house a decent software tool to aid you in that endeavor?

If so, what do you use?

And if you have "home-brew" software, would you be willing to share it, either free or at cost, with me?

The only "decent" tools I can find each cost arms and legs, of which I'm fresh out (haven't mugged any liberals lately). But if that's what you collectively recommend, I'll bite the bullet.


Oh, and PLEASE reply, even if to say "you right-wing fascist moron!" At least that way I'll know someone read it, even if they could render no aid. As it is sometimes I think that my lonely, unanswered queries are just ignored. (Wonder why).

Thanks again,

Bill P.
(Polhemus Engineering Company in Exile--IN ARKANSAS!)

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