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RE: Foundation Pinning

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I guess I would have to ask, why are you underpinning the foundation? Is it adjacent construction at a lower elevation? Is it settlement of the existing foundation? What kind of time span was there before a problem (if any) was noticed?

Presuming it is a settlement problem, you may want to consider compaction grouting. I have seen it used on a series of 5 condos as an alternative to underpinning with hydraulicly placed piers (at $1 to 3 k per pier). The cost on the 5 condos was $25,000 for the compaction grouting. Check with a local Hayward Baker office They have a headquarters in Maryland.

Harold Sprague

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  I recently turned down a request to work on a foundation underpinning
project in Alexandria, Virginia (several houses in a subdivision built on
mud from the Potomac, fill, and who knows what else.)

  There were  estimates from three different contractors on the number and
location of piles required.  These estimates were completely different, by
like orders of magnitude.  The project was already headed for litigation,
and some of the parties involved did not have pleasant personalities, so I
backed out.

But I am curious, in locations where this is commonly done (Houston comes to mind), what is the accepted procedure for determining the pile placement and particularly the number of piles. Does the design have to be done by a
registered engineer?

  Does it make a different whether the foundation is post-tensioned?

  Gail Kelley

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