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Re: Foundation Pinning

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In a message dated 5/10/2005 8:41:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, spraguehope(--nospam--at) writes:
guess I would have to ask, why are you underpinning the foundation?
Actually,  I am not doing the underpinning.  I was being asked to essentially do third party inspection of work being done in a subdivision in Virginia.
The subdivision was built a little over ten years ago - there was a ten-year home owner's warranty,  so lo and behold,  half of the houses filed for settlement claims just before the warranty expired. 
The motivation for wanting a third party inspector was that on one of the houses that was already done,  the contractor did not reconnect the down spouts to the drainage system, and the homeowner was out of town during a series of heavy rains.  Let's just say the house was in worse shape after the foundation repair.
I did go in one of the houses, and there were in fact all the classic signs of settlement - diagonal cracking in the walls,  doors that wouldn't open, etc.  The houses were built with basements, on spread footings.   The basement part was probably a mistake, apparently some of the houses also had problems with leakage due to the high water table.
The way I saw it,  being a third-party inspector would probably lead to being a third-party defendant in a law suit.  Even from a distance, it didn't look good.
Gail Kelley