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RE: CONCRETE: P/S Concrete Beam Analysis & Design Software?

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Title: RE: CONCRETE: P/S Concrete Beam Analysis & Design Software?


                We use Leap Software's PRESTO ((800) 451-5327), which definitely "cost[s] arms and legs." And our IT fellows cannot get the newest version to work on my computer though it is supposedly identical to other computers on which it is working. That kind of thing seems to happen with every new version. But I give them credit: they revised it to work with the 3D modeling programs that are being newly modified to work with the intricacies of concrete design (specifically precast), not just to produce a new version to entice a round of upgrade fees.

                The other well-respected one are

                1. By Jacques & Aswad, recently acquired by Salmons Design of Albuquerque ((505) 260-1460). Tim Salmons is a really good guy.

                2. Concise, developed by C(anadian)PCI ( ), and recently acquired by Black Mint Software ( ).

                I know that The Consulting Engineers Group has their own in-house program, which is also good, though I think they have never sold it. But they have a San Antonio office, so they must have something going for them, right?

        Jim Getaz

        Precast Engineer

        Winchester, Virginia