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Re: Large Rebar Detailing

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Footing thickness is another thing to check in conjunction with large column bars.  It may not be possible to develop a large column vert hook into an 18" thick footing, for example.  I have had at least one job where the need to develop the column bars controlled the footing thickness.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> "Rich Lewis" <seaint02(--nospam--at)> 05/11/05 08:51AM >>>
I am detailing some concrete beams and columns with #10 - #14 bars.  I
usually don't detail these large bars.  Are there any words of wisdom
someone can share about things to consider using this size bar?  I know one
thing I saw in the past is the sweep radius of large bar hooks can cause
problems.  Anything else I should be sure to consider?  I do have a beam and
column joint to detail.





Rich Lewis


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