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RE: Large Rebar Detailing

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I have another question as I detail some column reinforcing. 


  1. If I use Couplers, do they need to be staggered in a column splice?
  2. If I use lap splices, how are cross ties handled?  I have a rectangular shape column with several single cross ties.  Are the ties doubled, one for each bar in the splice?  If so, I would think couplers would be more efficient.

Thanks again.


Rich Lewis



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In addition to the large bend radius problem that you mentioned, here are a couple of more possible issues with large diameter bars:

1.  Lap splices can get VERY long, therefor, make sure they fit in your section (i.e. beam/column).

2.  Related to #1 above, lap splices can cause significant congestion.  In some cases, especially columns, it is best to draw a cross section to scale.  With this in mind, you may need to use mechanical couplers.  Note, however, that mechanical couplers come in many different shapes and sizes and from my experience the cheapest couplers tend to be the largest.

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05/11/2005 08:51 AM

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Large Rebar Detailing




I am detailing some concrete beams and columns with #10 - #14 bars.  I usually don’t detail these large bars.  Are there any words of wisdom someone can share about things to consider using this size bar?  I know one thing I saw in the past is the sweep radius of large bar hooks can cause problems.  Anything else I should be sure to consider?  I do have a beam and column joint to detail.
Rich Lewis