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RE: 5 Ton Golf Course Bridges

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Dave- I am working on a similar situation— mine dilemma is: how to post for this?  If the structure is 130’ long, how do you say “only one 5-ton vehicle on the bridge at a time”?

I’ll be interested to see what comes across the net.



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Thursday, May 12, 2005 2:35 PM
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Subject: 5 Ton Golf Course Bridges


I have an interesting problem.  I am looking at the design of several timber golf course bridges.  Specifications say "12'-0" wide, 3-inch plank deck, and 5-Ton capacity.


The contractor bid based upon his normal business of constructing golf cart bridges for golf courses.  He "sort of" follows the pictures and layout shown on page 8 of "Southern Pine Pedestrian Bridges & Walkways".


Designing the timber bridges by AASHTO leads to much larger members than he thought he was going to have to use.  The problem seems to be the use of the term "5-Ton Capacity".  A wheel load for a 5 ton truck will cause much larger stresses in the stringers than a uniform load that will add up to 5 tons.


I would appreciate any comments on what others have done in this situation.


Dave Smith


David G. Smith & Associates, Inc.

Gainesville, GA