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Re: 33-ft simple span slab

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I know the 8" slab is mathematically pushed to its limits for the span in terms of serviceability and strength by calculations. Long-term deflection is a complicated thing and I am not a die-hard believer of the formulas. But I am interested to know the practical results of any similar applications.
You raised a valid concern about vibration. Theoretically the slab system has a frequency of around 3 Hz. However, being a dormitory building floor slab, there are many non-structural partition walls running floor-to-floor height and the vibration will be greatly mitigated.
Ben Z, P.E.
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From: Gil Brock
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I would be very worried about deflections, vibrations and everything else. It is too thin. Do the calculations.

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I am pondering on using  8" composite slab (3" pre-tensioned plank with 5" topping) for a 33-ft simple span floor slab in a dormitory building.  The plank will be shored at mid span before topping. My only concern is the long-term deflection. Has any one had similar experience?
Thank you
Ben Z, P.E.

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