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Re: Timber Prestressing Qestion

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Think creep.
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Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 5:36 PM
Subject: Timber Prestressing Qestion

This past winter a customer wanted to remove an interior column located in a residential garage. The garage footprint is approximately 23' wide by 25' long and occurs below a bedroom. The column supports two timber girders (which support floor joists) each spanning 12.5'. No problem...I designed a couple of PSL's(one at each side of the existing girders line) that span 25'. He's now insisting that splicing together (with steel plates and thru bolts) the girder ends that bear atop the column and adding a prestressing cable at the bottom of this new/existing 25' long girder is cheaper.
Isn't prestressing timber members typically done with the intent of increasing load capacity; not doubling the span?