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Re: UBC Live Load Reduction

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I've never heard of such an interpretation.  It sounds like the plan reviewer has never designed a building in his life.

>>> T.W.Allen(--nospam--at) 05/13/05 9:03 AM >>>
O.K., I realize I haven't worked with the building code for very long
(tongue firmly planted in cheek), but I recently received a set of plan
check comments including one that has caught me off guard.


The plan check comment is as follows: "The live load reduction shall not
apply to the footing design." I called the plan reviewer (outside
consultant) to find out the section of the code which states this and he
told me section 1607.4 and 1607.6. I scanned these two sections during our
telephone conversation and still could not find where it said that I could
not take a live load reduction for the footing design. He told me that the
referenced sections stipulate live load reduction for beams and, since it
does not specifically permit a live load reduction for footings, no
reduction can be made. I hung up (politely) almost in shock and read the
referenced sections again. I know I'm not a good reader (otherwise I would
be an attorney), but the sections read (to me) "structural members", not
"beams". I thought a footing was a "structural member", but if not, why did
he not cite columns as well?


Anyone else have an interpretation?




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