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CONCRETE: P/S Concrete Beam Analysis & Design Software?

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John Riley wrote:
In the '70's I worked in Des Moines, Iowa for a firm
that had an IBM 1130, had 8k of RAM, no harddrive;
card punch, card reader and damn . ..  don't drop the

We did continuous concrete beams, thought it couldn't
get any better than that.


That's interesting, John.  In 1984-85 I worked in Mason City, IA for a
firm that had the exact same setup.  They had an entire large room
dedicated to that dinosaur.  30 feet of one wall was shelves with boxes
of cards:  Continuous Beam Analysis, Vertical Curves, COGO, Bridge
Rating, Golf...I never did know what that last one did--it's not like it
was interactive or anything.

We'd fill out input sheets with boxes for each input character, then a
dedicated typist (very lonely woman) would punch up the cards and get
your answer back to you sometime tomorrow.  Unless it happened to be
every other Tuesday, in which case they were running payroll and that's
ALL that got done that day.

Which explains my preference, to this day, for programming on my
calculator.  It is the most portable, most convenient way to design most
of the stuff I design.  Although I have yet to write anything for golf.

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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