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Re: steel beam

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From AISCM 6th Edition:

12X4B  -   wt:  14 plf
             A =             Sx = 14.8 in3         Sy =  1.13 in3    rx = 4.61 in.
                Ix  = 88.2 in4        Iy =  2.25 in4    ry = .74 in.
                d = 11.91"
                tw = .200"
                bf = 3.97"      
                flange average t = .224
                gage = 2.25"     d/Af = 13,4

Note that these a little different than what is being rolled today, ie. W12x14.

I have some of these presently on a project that was built in 1964 and were A441 steel.
In the ASICM 5th Edition, they were call Joists (page 24)

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 09:06 PM 5/15/2005, Raymond Shreenan wrote:
Hi Folks:
I have a roof framing plan of an older tilt up industrial building that was retrofitted for seismic repairs.  There are some steel beams labeled
" 12B14".  Are these what they were called prior to being renamed W12x14?  If not, does anyone know what their properties are?  I have some large diameter sheet metal duct that has to be hung from the roof framing and braced for lateral and barring providing new purlins, I would like to use them if they calc.
Thanks in advance for any info y'all might have on this.
Ray Shreenan  SE