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Re: Concrete Torsion Angle of Twist

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1. For biaxial bending:

Please verify that the   (Mux/Mox) +( Muy/Moy)  < or =  1 when you applies reciprocal load countour method (bresler method (ACI Journal Nov. 1960 and its discussion)

2. For angle of twist:

the shear rigidity for cracked section is a trial and error method.
But if you have a copy of ACI SP 35, 1973 you could look at a paper by
Dr. -Ing. Paul Lampert. Also Professor Collins wrote a paper in a publication published by the University of Toronto (I think SM No. 7).  

I hpoe this would help you.


>>> seaint02(--nospam--at) 05/16/05 1:27 AM >>>
Is there a recommended method of analysis of determining the angle of twist
of a rectangular concrete beam in torsion?  I don't see any reference to
this in the ACI 318.  The PCA Notes state the stiffness is reduced after
cracking, but don't state by how much.  Can I use traditional strength of
materials equations for torsion on a square section?  What would be the
shear modulus of the concrete?


Thanks for your help


Rich Lewis


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