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Re: aci 318-02 appendix d

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] David, a little while ago I spoke with Basile Rabbat on this issue. Basically, if c1 = infinity, how can c2 = infinity x 1.5 (which would yield Av/Avo <1)? This is not the intent. B. Rabbat recognized the issue and thought clarification would be coming. It is my understanding that Hilti has figured this out. I believe the solution relates to a concrete thickness of 1.5 x the embedment depth as this is thier standard with Re-500 anchors. Looking at their tables, you can see that if c1and , c2 are greater than 1.5 x the embedment, Av does not enter into the pixcture. Sorry for the disorganized response, I am just going out to a meeting, saw your subject, and wanted to send something that might initiate further discussion.

Jack Shapton

David Adie wrote:

shear force parallel to an edge

D.6.2.1 - footnote c - recognizes the fact that c1 in psi 6 doesn't make sense but equation D-21 includes Vb which still has c1 embedded in it. what value to use when c1 = infinity?


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