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Re: Wood design values for old structure

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I typically tell the client that a sample of wood needs to be removed for species identification and testing for strength properties. Anything else will be guesswork. A highly professional company I typically use and recommend is Wood Advisory Services (see, contact Al DeBonis. Although they are located in Millbrook, NY, the sample can be shipped.
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Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 01:38 PM
Subject: Wood design values for old structure

We are looking at a building built about 100 years ago in SW Missouri and are wondering what strength values we can use to analyze the wood framing.  There is a lot of Oak in this area, so the framing may be Oak (that was once somewhat common), but other likely species we might encounter would be Doug-Fir, Southern Pine, D-F-L and S-P-F.  Does anybody have any values for old wood we can use for analyzing the joists, beams, studs and columns in this old structure?



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