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Re: Wood design values for old structure

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Foy, Warren wrote:


As I'm sure you know, I was just kidding you a bit.  I do, however, want
to express to you my gratitude for bringing your many years of
experience and knowledge to the list and educating and entertaining us
all.  Maybe I can buy you a beer someday.

I'm grateful for more than simply Mr. Sprague's "many years of experience." A lot of people have that.

However, only a very few have the inclination to share that experience in meaningful ways, taking time out of a busy schedule to answer questions to the extent that Harold does.

I'm sure there are others who, with all due respect to Harold, have a similar degree of expertise. But they aren't exactly available to consult on a "quid pro quo" basis as Harold is. (And I'm not exactly sure what "quo" I, for one, could possibly offer in exchange for all the "quids" I've gleaned from Harold).

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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