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Re: question regarsing plywood screws

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The LA City approved ET & F fasteners for connecting plywood sheathing
to light gage metal studs when used as a diaphragm, but the section
for plywood sheathing used as shear wall has been eliminated. The
reason being there were no cyclical tests done on the walls but the
values are based on monotonic tests?

The LA building code calls out for #8 screws to use their tabulated
values for plywood shear walls on light gage. The footnote of this
table calls for using an approved fastener. I searched the LA research
reports website but cannot find any fastener which is approved. Does
any one have further information on this.


On 5/18/05, Rajnikanth Gedhada <grajnikanth(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> What are the different LA city appproved fasteners available to
> connect plywood shear walls to light gage steel framing.
> thanks
> raj

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