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Re: Knock-out Panel

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                        You’ve had excellent answers already, but here’s one that starts with the supposition that the user of the future hole has a different idea from the current planner. Double up the rebar (or more) in the entire wall doing nothing to help the cutting of the future opening. Let them cut whatever hole they want later. The saws available these days make cutting much easier than it was – because owners cannot predict how they will want to use their structures.

                        If the owner is sure he knows what he will want, make sure there is a reveal locating the knockout, as Gerard said, so no one is depending on drawings or measurements from column lines or floors at the time of removal.

                        I’ve done most of the things mentioned. Most future openings have been used. Many other openings have been made in locations no one expected, including a door (12’ x 14’, IIRC) in the middle of a shearwall. It could have been located elsewhere along that line, but the owner said during design, only a couple of years earlier that they would never want to change the equipment next to this wall, so it was a good location.

                        I’ve come in for criticism for overdesigning for some of our repeat owners. I’ve never seen them be able to predict everything they will want as they adapt to new market conditions. But that’s why they are repeat customers, they are successful businesses that are constantly changing and fortunately for us, constantly building.

            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia