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Re: stainless steel cable

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

S. Gordin wrote:

But seriously, who would want to actually pull those cables apart and stick his head in?

My four-year-old grandson, for one.

There MAY be others.

I watched my 2 year old stick her head between some older 6" spaced (vertical) spindles this past weekend. She wanted to get a better look at the ducks in the water on the other side. Apparently there was some taper, so that after sticking her head in at the top and then kneeling/moving her head down she was no longer able to get her head back out. Did she learn a valuable lesson? Of course. About ten feet further down the pier, she kneeled down to look at a school of fish. She couldn't get her head between the rails at the bottom. She promptly stood up, put her head through the top, then kneeled back down. I just shook my head.

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