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RE: Void Forms under Grade Beams

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I do not think that it is unreasonable to design the piers for uplift,
with the grade beams on void forms. I  have a similar structure on
"claystone" which requires that the piers be designed for an uplift load
in kips equal to 94 times the pier diameter in feet. 

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	Thanks to all. What he is now saying is that I need to design
the piers for an uplift skin friction of 1500 psf on the upper four feet
of the piers only. This seems way too high to me, since the downward
skin friction is only 450 psf....

	He backed down for the dual requirements, but initially told me
I had to design the piers for the uplift on the grade beams even if I
used the void forms. Now he wants me to design for a 25 kip uplift from
4 feet of skin friction???? I questioned this too and he's

	*head a shakin*



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