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Re: stainless steel cable

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            Neil Moore wrote, “Well, Bill, I've got two 3.5 year old grandtwins who can also do that.  The other five grandkids know better.  But what scares the besomething out of me, is the fact that they can use the cables (and horizontal bars) to climb up and over!”


            BOCA had adopted a clause, maybe in the ‘93 edition, prohibiting rails that “act as ladders.” We were disappointed to see that it was one of the casualties of the politics combining the three codes into IBC. I am still hoping that it will return. I know that’s what I did as a boy, and my 9-year-old daughter last summer climbed up a handrail-height concrete barrier three stories up and had just stood on the top when I picked her up and set her back down on the floor. She has not let us forget that we would not let her up there.


Jim Getaz

Winchester, Virginia