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IRC Table R802.5.1(9) Rafter ties

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A contractor has asked to tie a rectangular hip roof
in both directions to eliminate interior columns.  IRC
R802.3.1 Ceiling joist and rafter connections states
that Table R802.5.1(9) shall be used to determine the
required number of nails.  That's fine, but is there a
modification factor for hip roofs?  Ties under the hip
rafter areas take considerably less thrust the closer
you get to the parallel walls.  Loads in the longer of
the two directions should also be less than the
shorter direction where the ties are crossing under
the main ridge and carrying a full tributary width.

This is not an engineered design, I am just providing
consultation to a contractor on how to use the IRC. 
But I want to be sure that I give them the right
advice.  Its still my preference to place posts over
the available bearing walls, but that's a moot point

Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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