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RE: stainless steel cable

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Subject: Re: stainless steel cable

A 3-year old should not be running around a parking garage unwatched.

Neither should they be a passenger in an automobile without seat restraints, but that doesn't stop legislators from doing the one thing they think they have been elected to do: Pass laws to "protect" people from one another and from every imaginable danger--including themselves.
That's really what we're talking about here. Someone responded to Gail's screed with "even the risk of loss of one child is too much." That's sort of the prevailing attitude.
When I was a kid back in the 60s, I was allowed to pretty much go where I wanted with a great deal of freedom--because that's the world my parents grew up in. In Summer I would leave early in the morning, and wouldn't show my face back at the house until after the sun had set.
Mom would ask "have any fun today?" and I'd tell her all the places I'd been and the things I'd done, ranging sometimes miles from home.
Today, few parents would allow their children this freedom, because the PERCEPTION of danger is too great, even though the level of such is really not much more these days than it was in my childhood. I think this is thanks in part to modern "news" reporting media having become sensationalist in nature ("Are your children at risk from toxins in their fruit juice? We'll have a full report tonight at ten!"), and also (IMO) because adults marry and enter parenthood as much as ten years later, on average, than they did just a generation or so ago, and have fewer children upon which they dote almost obsessively.
So, our laws reflect the "new reality" (read "perception") that kids have to be cocooned and protected from every conceivable ill or danger, such that you DO commonly hear a statement like "if even one child can be saved from catastrophe it's worth it."
(The fact that our children are actually MORE at risk these days from the calamitous nature of modern society, divorce, neglect, etc. seems not to be of much concern, on the other hand).
Given the fact that legislatures in many states (not to mention the Federal) are in session nearly continuously, and that the political class panders for votes as a rule, it isn't surprising that you're going to find "glaring" examples of hyper-safety consciousness embedded in the building code.

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