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RE: stainless steel cable

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...excuses and the litany of 'kids are thoughtless, farms are dangerous,

we can't afford to take responsibility,' don't help an kid's foot grow 
back. If a designer can make things safer they should do so; it may not 
cure everything, but it can help. And if it can help even a little it's 
worth it.

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SO simple to say after the fact. 

Lawyers are the scourge of society.

FWIW, if all the building owners in the city of Los Angeles would just
pay for it, we could retire on the fees we make from inspecting their
buildings for fractured welds that occurred in the aftermath of

But it would cost them--and ultimately, the entire economy--billions of
dollars for our fees as well as the cost of repairs.

But if they WOULD do it, it would "help even a little" to make their
buildings safer. Therefore, in your terms, it would "be worth it."

If you think about it, the end result of this is "who needs structural
engineers?" Because we can come up with ways to make every building safe
without having to engineer a single thing, as long as cost is no object.

We can come up with "one size fits (nearly) all" solutions for member
sizes (just use the largest available), connections (put in as many
bolts as the manufacturer can deliver) and the whole shootin' match, and
never have to use our skills to design within parameters of safety that
also have economy in mind.

EVERY human endeavor involves risk. It is an empty-headed platitude to
state that "anything we do to reduce risk is worth it," because it
seldom ever is, to the person who's footing the bill.

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