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Re: stainless steel cable

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On May 25, 2005, at 11:32 AM, Polhemus, Bill wrote:

SO simple to say after the fact.
After I've been confronted with enough facts, they tend to guide my thinking in similar situations. I had a case once here a kid had his foot torn off by a barn cleaner. Of all the people involved in the case, the boy seemed the most mature and the most determined to carry on. Hard not to think about that one from time to time. He ought to be about 20 by now, and if he collected anything out of the case he's got it coming.

Lawyers are the scourge of society.
I've said this a hundred times--once more won't hurt. Lawyers don't work in a vacuum--they work for people with a grievance, not a striving for justice. no one with a DWI summons or a client who tells people you're a charlatan looks for a lawyer who'll deliver justice. What he looks for is a guy who will pull strings, stretch the truth, discredit witnesses or whatever else it takes to beat the rap or persuade a jury. For every chiselling defendant looking to cash in on his own stupidity, there's an arrogant plaintiff looking to avoid responsibility for his stupidity. Both types hire lawyers to get them what they want. The legal profession wouldn't exist otherwise.

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