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Re: PS CONCRETE: Torsion in Double-Tees

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I'd say the force resisting system is some where in
between the simple bending of the single tee and
torsion of the double tee member.  Whichever mechanism
is more stiff will take the loads. 

I'd take a shot at the single tee member and check the
total deflection of the single tee.  Knowing the
differential deflection of one stem to the other stem,
member torsional rotation can be determined and
torsion can be evaluated.  Keep in mind that double
tees are routinely warped during installation so I
don't see torsional rigidity very high.  

I?m sure the precast people have some warping
tolerance that can be accommodated without significant
effect on the strength of the double tee.

Phoenix, AZ

--- "Polhemus, Bill" <bill.polhemus(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I'm analyzing a 10DT32 (precast prestressed
> double-tee that is ten feet
> in width and 32 inches deep) roof beam. There is
> load on it from an
> equipment platform resting directly atop one of the
> stems.
> "Theoretically" this can be viewed as an
> eccentrically-placed load with
> respect to the double-tee centroid. However,
> analyzing it in this way
> puts a torque into the beam that is unacceptably
> high.
> But I can't help but view this as a loaded
> SINGLE-TEE beam half the
> width of the double tee, with the only needed check
> being the flexure
> induced in the continuous flange between the stems.
> Any thoughts?
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