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Re: Concrete shear wall design software

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You might investigate "Wall-Sect" from CSCNA-Softek
Services.  Their N.A. head office is in Vancouver, BC
and the phone number is 604-273-7737, fax is " " 7731.
I have never used it but it may be what you want.
A demo is available.

On 25 May 2005 at 13:19, Alex wrote:

> I am looking for a concrete shear wall design software. I want to be
> able to draw a concrete multi-leg wall section (like U or L shapes)
> and draw my reinforcement configuration on that. and give it my wall
> design forces (Pu, Mu2-2, Mu3-3, V2-2, V3-3)
> what I am expecting to get from my output would be:
> 1- section properties (which includes my reinforcement configuration
> in the section) 2- find major axis of the section 3- find cracked
> section properties and figure out if this section is a cracked section
> or not (based on input forces) 4- and finally design it 
> right now I use Etabs section designer but it does not incluse steel
> reinforcement in section property calculation and doesn't do cracked
> section design.
> Does anybody know of any software in the market which can do these?
> I appreciate any information on that.
> Alex,PE

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