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RE: L-Pile Analysis

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Depends on the software.  N could be the number of sections that you want to break the pile down into for a  Finite Difference Engine.
Course, it could also be the blow counts on the soil.
Geesh,  why don't you guys just hire a geotechnical engineer to do the soil-interaction analysis for you as part of his report for the project.  You are trying to use appropriate geotechnical data?
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I don’t have the answer to your question, but I’m working on laterally loaded piles as well and trying to find the point of fixity.  I have some equations which require an input value for N, but it not clear to me which N value I might need to use when the pile will be driven thru several layers.  Any comments?

Candi Anderson, P.E. 

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Subject: L-Pile Analysis


I'm running the L-Pile analysis program for some laterally loaded piles.  It has output values for lbs. per inch along the length of the pile.  I don't have a manual for this program.  Does anyone know for sure what this output represents.  I need the lateral soil bearing values and I think this output has something to do with this but I really would like to know for sure.


Thanks in advance.


Bob Garner, S.E.


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