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Light Framing Engineers Wanted for Recommendations in Southern California

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Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial Counties are starting to develop light framing projects - both residential (new and remodels) and Commercial (and essentially facilities). I get a lot of calls as I suspect many of my peers do locally. Unfortunately, we can't satisfy everyone and our lead times continue to grow.

I am starting a web page that will allow engineering firms to list their offices so that potential clients, designers and architects will be able to locate an engineer willing to service the area. This is not the same as the recommendations for firms who post on the SEAINT web site. I am specifically looking for firms that are willing to take small projects and who are willing to cover the area from the eastern and southern borders of California in these three counties.

I will not, for the moment, set any limits on the Northern border, but most of the counties to the west of the Sierra Nevada's and west of the 15-freeway to the west of the city of San Bernardino and Riverside are pretty well covered - but the growing number of small towns that are starting to see development from new construction to remodels are hard to find in the eastern portion of California.

If this appears to work out well, I'll start adding pockets of unincorporated and rural areas of the western US so that we can identify those areas where engineers are needed, but are hard to find. The purpose is to allow clients a source.

I don't have a format, so the more information you provide as to the limits of your geographical area as possible will be appreciate. Of course, provide you name, business name, address and phone number(s), e-mail and a web-site if you have one that the clients can visit to evaluate the calls.

I'm in the process of changing the format of the main web page of the Structuralist.Net as I found a theme to simplify the navigation and work better with my Blogs than the Theme I am currently using. Changes to the site are slow but improving so I encourage you to visit often to pick up on some of the changes as they occur. Your company information will be listed on the Homeowners web pages rather than the Professional side since this is the market. Clients will deal with you on their own, there is no cost to you or the homeowner to be listed.

Please E-mail me privately with the information I can post and I will get back to you if there is any additional information I need from you.

Dennis S. Wish


Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant (Photo Blog) (Launch to Professional Discussion Blogs)


760.564.0884 (office - fax)

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