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Re: Wood-frame construction: Life in the real world

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The link that you provided is useful, but it does gloss over the fact that
not all "penny" nails meet those lengths.  A 16d sinker is NOT 3.5" long
as that chart would indicate but is rather 3.25" long (unless I am
remembering incorrectly).  By an large the penny designation does give
length of the nail, but not always.  And the penny designation gives
NOTHING about the diameter of the nail...that is entirely a function of
the type of nail (i.e. common wire, box, spike, etc).

The end result is that the designations/definitions of nails are just as
screwed up as I believe you claim screw designations/definitions were (pun
intended).   Thus, like you mentioned in you original post, it is usually
best to specify the diameter and length and not bother with a "penny"


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Avicpeng wrote:

> Gary.
> Page 13 of the Simpson Canadian Limit States Design Catalogue C-CAN04 shows "penny" nails.  Also hangers, straps etc all refernce penny nails.  Therer are several historical explanations, however, the "penny" designation uses "d" a symbol used for the British monetary penny in, pounds, shillings, pence (penny)  £sd.
> Refer
> Thor Tandy P.Eng
> Victoria, BC
> Canada
> vicpeng(--nospam--at)
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>   What the heck are penny nails?  They sound like something out of Elizabethan England.  We use metric size nails,
>   i.e. diameter and length--Simpson has a Canadian edition catalogue with common nails with their metric conversions,
>   but no definition of what is a penny nail.
>   Gary

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