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RE: VBA to Excel

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Excel makes a great quick and dirty user-interface to get information into a program and to display the results. I fell under Microsoft's marketing spell a long time ago and bought their fortran package that came "complete with an interface to Excel!". The box showed a picture of happy engineers watching their fortran results display as nice plotted curves in Excel.
I never did get that thing working, mostly due to my own inadequacies, the amount of time required to get up to speed on that thing was just unavailable to me.
VBA can be slow and rough and inelegant compared to fortran or C but using VBA with Excel as the interface is very simple and can produce great results. You can even use VBA to create input files for batch fortran programs, then read the output files with VBA and import the results into Excel. Makes a nice way to make use of old legacy programs and integrate them together for greater productivity.
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From: Tom Skaggs [mailto:tom.skaggs(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: VBA to Excel

FORTRAN, I know it's not as sexy as VBA, but it works pretty well.

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Subject: VBA to Excel

I like Jake am interested in developing/improving an excel spreadsheet using VBA for beam analysis.I would like to do create an array with say 50 rows by 5 columns. The columns will contain x, q(x), V(x), M(x), and d(x) respectively. Where q(x)=m(x-a)+qa ( i.e. linear function somewhere on the beam starting at "a" with "m" as the slope from a to b and "qa" the intensity at "a") subsequent functions will be will be integrated using the trapezoidal rule (or something else). My question is this: what is a convenient way to add together several loadings together to create a single column for q(x) and then perform the integrations?

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