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Connections Designing, General Standards? POLL

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I am wanting to take a poll.

How many engineers design to the load
and how many engineers design to the member

For instance, if so much shear at a connection
is much lower than shear capacity, how many
would still design to the shear capacity of the beam,
and how many would design only to the requirement
of the structure?

Asking, what is general opinion on this matter?

Seems if there is a general design to a member,
then many connections could be prequalified,
and there becomes no real need to go through 
muliple calcs to find an adequate connection detail.

Perhaps if the structure is a facility that may change,
ie. have future load changes as in a hospital, then
these pre-connections could be very valuable.  Whereas
in a small building, it is better to save on the connection 

At the same time, are connections so costly that designing
to the load, versus the member would save so much?


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