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Re: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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The reason that there is "very little good information on SOGs" in ACI 318
is that ACI 318 is _NOT_ applicable to least from a legal/code
requirement point of view (nothing prevents you from taking "lessons
learned" from ACI 318 and applying them to SOGs...but ACI 318 as a code or
"the law" does NOT apply to SOGs).  Look at section 1.1.6 (in ACI 318-99
at least).  It states:

"This code does not govern design and construction of soil-supported slabs
(editorial note: aka SOGs), unless the slab transmits vertical loads or
lateral forces from other portions of the structure to the soil."

While that does not answer your question, it should at least explain why
ACI 318 does not give much guidance on the issue.


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Elias Hahn wrote:

> I recently designed a SOG (~10'x15', 6" thick, thickened edge) for a HVAC
> unit (~1000lbs) for an existing building.  Our standard general notes call
> for special inspection for steel and concrete placement.  Is this
> applicable?  There is very little good information on SOGs in either the IBC
> or ACI 318.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Elias Hahn, EIT
> Evergreen Engineering, LLC

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