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RE: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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Unless the existing building is in a use category that is considered life essential.  Such as a hospital, water plant, etc.
Even then, its a long shot on this type of foundation.  Special Inspection is usually required only on deep foundations, deep fill, some type of structural steel, pre and post tension concrete and a few other items that are "special applications" and all building 3 stories and taller.
So, for your little mat, I would say no. 
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Subject: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

I recently designed a SOG (~10’x15’, 6” thick, thickened edge) for a HVAC unit (~1000lbs) for an existing building.  Our standard general notes call for special inspection for steel and concrete placement.  Is this applicable?  There is very little good information on SOGs in either the IBC or ACI 318.


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