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OT: Pondering on Life, Hinduism, Relativity, DNA and Transitions

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Let me talk about a thought

Well, getting back to Pyramids.

There is a theory in Hinduism,
Very original.  A cycle, 8.4 billion species long.

And if we discuss physics, we know that 
Light is a wavelength, 

And yet, we have Theory of Relativity

I came across a friend's current physics book
That discussed the theory of relativity in a way
That I understood.

Says, see an apple. And an ant.
And an ant traverses the apple, 
Such that it always arrives at the right point
Independent of its path

Well, we see that time is the fourth dimension
So, if we see ourselves, we are 
Riding the great apple.

And we will always arrive at the right point.

But time is the dimension we need 
To Know.

Back to Hinduism,
See, if we see what a soul is.

If we look at DNA,
Then we can see, that just by an alteration 
Of DNA, a single molecule in a huge change,

We can transform from a mouse to a human,
See, a human DNA and a mouse are near
99% the same.

There is not much more, 
But somehow, within the whole form
That the DNA creates

A new being is formed.

Getting to the whole form,
We see that changes can be made.

And if we even see ourselves, these
Individual bodies within the whole,
Then somehow we approach

A sphere within a universe, or a 
Unique shape within a universe.

Natural vs. Unnatural vs. Natural

Well, humans have developed a brain
Much more than a mere mouse.

And in fact, humans almost seem
To alter nature.

But is this truth?
In fact, in the plane of the wavelength
Within which we live,
Are we really going beyond nature?

At the same time,
Should we be distracted by the things
That are outside our being?

In our sphere of life, 
We are infinite
And finite at the same time.

The Nuclear Change

What if we all change in our nuclear
Cell.  Going beyond the simple Eukaryote
That our beings originated from?

Life will ever change.

And perhaps we are already in the 
Next dimensional form.

Waiting to realize we have
Reached the 5th dimension.

>From a flat world to a round 
World to an endless universe,
To relativity, to understanding
One another.  In only 2000 years.

We reach the next plateau
That allows us to grow

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