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RE: E-Files and Clients....

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Some clients have required providing final CAD (.dwg) files part of the contract.  In such cases we do provide the files with a disclaimer statement. 

Lately, we have been using eRooms to share project files with subconsultants, owners, and contractors on projects.  In this case we generally prefer to put .pdf files in the eRoom for sharing. 

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Depending on the project and the client, we SOMETIMES let outside entities Have our PLAN files for coordination purposes or shop drawings...

WE NEVER let our detail sheets out of the office in *.dwg form...ever.

I'll send people pdf's all day long; but NEVER cad *.dwg details.

When we release the plan files to subs, we make them sign a release and Pay us a fee...

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Our firm does a lot work with the coal mines out here.  Something that is jumping on our face and wiggling (as opposed to sneaking up on us) is the sharing of our electronic files, namely our AutoCAD .dwg files.  One particular client, who is not the contractor mind you, is and has been a very good client for the company, would likely NOT share these .dwg files, however, not all clients are the same.  Certainly, this type of information sharing with certain contractors is NOT a practice I want to get into, especially with a Design-Bid-Build project, which is predominantly what we work with.

I am curious as to what others do with electronic file sharing.  Do you NOT allow .dwg files to leave your office???  Do you NOT share any e-files with your clients???  And is it different when you are talking Design-Bid-Build projects as opposed to Design-Build or other methods???

Thanks for the help.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming

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