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RE: L-Pile Analysis

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If it is "output", it seems to me that the reaction would be in load per unit length of pile.  If it were "input", it likely would be a spring constant 'k' - but that would imply a constant spring value.  I believe that L-pile uses P-Y curves which involve a varying spring value with magnitude of deformation.
I sometimes use a computer model with springs uniformly spread along the length of the drilled pier to obtain an approximate lateral pile analysis. I vary the spring constant to bracket potential shears and moments on the pile. This is not as accurate as L-pile, but it seems that if lateral forces are not too high and deformations are limited this should provide a reasonable approximation of pier loads.

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Subject: RE: L-Pile Analysis

Arvel, I totally agree about using "black box" solutions, so I'm also analyzing the piles manually as a reality check.  And consulting with knowledgible engineers here.




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If soil, - constant for lateral resistant k.  (Spring constant i.e. pounds resistance for inches deflection at that point on pile)


Don't recommend that you use L pile or any lateral load analysis software without understanding what the output means and how to establish the proper boundary conditions.  You can get some real bad output.



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Subject: L-Pile Analysis

I'm running the L-Pile analysis program for some laterally loaded piles.  It has output values for lbs. per inch along the length of the pile.  I don't have a manual for this program.  Does anyone know for sure what this output represents.  I need the lateral soil bearing values and I think this output has something to do with this but I really would like to know for sure.


Thanks in advance.


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