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RE: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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Subject: Re: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC

Any value (or chance) of a thickened slab in the general vicinity of
the strut & wheel loads?

Do trailers even get parked in a consistent manner?

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I've thought somewhat this since the "big discussion" we had here at the
office yesterday.

Yes, in fact, you're right that the trailers ARE parked consistently.
There is only one way into the parking slot (they have to back in--I
sure wouldn't have planned it that way). The trailers are consistent in
their length and weight (with slight variation), and in fact they have
to be placed "just so" because there are cooling fans on either side of
the trailer slots to keep the birds nice and comfy until they are ready
to be slaughtered in the name of Colonel Sanders.

But if this were ONLY about the weight of the truck, I would just argue
that we ought to have a 9-inch slab (according to Mr. Ringo's "PCA
Method" recipe), and then we'd just need crack-control steel and
properly-spaced construction joints.

In fact, that's what I do when I have, e.g. a warehouse slab or some
other heavily-loaded SOG design. I kinda enjoy the challenge of making
the slab "just so" with properly spaced joints, etc.

But again my problem is that this is going to be a frequently wet (read
"drenched") condition, with enough water that we're putting in trench
drains to handle the water plus all the organic solids. True, the slab
will drain quickly, but significant cracks in the slab mean exposure of
the inside of the slab to this water. Even at eight inches, the slab
WILL crack through the thickness at the joints, and thus any steel would
be affected.

My alternate at this point would be an eight inch slab with NO steel
reinforcing, and joints. Possibly fiber reinforcement.

Then, I'd put steel in the portion of the panel just under the trailer
legs, and make sure that the steel ends at least six inches away from a

This, to me, would work.

Thanks for talking about this with me; it helps to have someone to
bounce all this stuff off of.

Regards from "Clinton Country"


Yes, you have to call it that; Tyson and Clinton are "like that," and
they're building the Clinton Pres. Library (a legitimate endeavor, no
matter what I might think of him) in Little Rock and some kind of
amusement park or whatever at his birthplace.

The place "reeks" of Clinton-cronyism; the ONLY state in the former
Confederacy with TWO Democrat Senators is ARKANSAS (the only other Dem
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Arkansas is a strange place. Beautiful, but strange.

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