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RE: Fork Truck on elevated slab

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The question I have is the effective width for slab to check the shear and bending.  Putting all the force in a 1 ft. wide strip for shear is overkill, but how wide is best?  Also, right now I am intending to use a slab on metal deck.  How to treat this verses a solid slab is also an issue.






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Rich Lewis wrote:


I would appreciate any input form others who have designed elevated floors for fork truck traffic as to an appropriate method of analysis and typical deck thicknesses.  Also, any other helpful information would be appreciated.

Wouldn't the provisions of ACI 318 Ch. 13 apply as always?

IOW, check "two way shear" (a.k.a. "punching") AND one-way shear (a.k.a. "beam" shear).

Or am I missing something?

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