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Re: Fork Truck on elevated slab

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Rich Lewis wrote:

The question I have is the effective width for slab to check the shear and bending.  Putting all the force in a 1 ft. wide strip for shear is overkill, but how wide is best?  Also, right now I am intending to use a slab on metal deck.  How to treat this verses a solid slab is also an issue.

Do you not just compute the punching shear strength of a prism of concrete whose small end is the loaded area?

Conservatively, the bottom of the prism is at the TOP of the metal deck. Again, conservatively the metal deck is not considered to contribute to the punching shear strength (although we know that's not true; a metal deck contributes a great deal especially in and through its in-plane stiffness).

(Still think I'm missing something vital in your question. If so, I apologize).
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