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Balanced Moment vs PT Moment

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Is the "balanced moment" always equal to the moment from the post tensioning?
In other words, if I have beam with a straight tendon at a constant eccentricity of 6" and a force of 150 kips, the moment from the post tensioning is a constant 75 ft*kips. Would it be correct to also call this the "balanced moment"?  Even though this is not a parabolic profile?
Or, if the same beam has a parabolic tendon profile, but the tendon is eccentrically placed at each end. Would the balanced moment at the beam midspan be the sum of the (eccentric end moment + the moment from the drape), or would it be just the moment from the drape?
I am not sure what the definition of "balanced moment" is supposed to be for beams with tendons that are eccentrically placed at the ends.

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