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RE: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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>From the point of view of ACI 318, SOGs _ARE_ nonstructural.  ACI 318
deals with STRUCTURAL concrete.  And since ACI 318 expressly omits SOGs,
that is why I consider them to be defined as non-structural, even though
they exhibit structural-like behaviour at times.

Now, without a doubt, some will no agree with this "definition" and will
bad mouth 318 (and tons of other documents, committees, people, etc).
That is their right.  I look at it as ACI 318 choose not to include SOGs
in their document because the design of SOGs did not fit completely into
the structural methodology/behaviour that ACI 318 covered.  So, some don't
like that an complain.  Some of those same people will then complain about
how people rely to heavily codes, even while complain that ACI 318 doesn't
cover something that they think it should.  Oh well.

Don't let others deter you from participating/using the list.  Some folks
just forgot to have their coffee in the morning and took it out on you.
<grin>  Personally, I think that all questions are both stupid and not is all a matter of perspective.  For someone who knows quite a
bit, then a lot of questions can seem stupid.  For someone who does not
know something, the question is not stupid.  If the list were to have
everyone insulting everyone for stupid questions, then more than likely
every question who have someone tossing an insult because there was a
"stupid" question asked...there will always be someone that thinks the
question asked was rediculously easy and that everyone should know it.


Scott, who ALWAYS askes dumb questions (that is how I get
smarter...hopefully) <grin>
Adrian, MI

On Tue, 31 May 2005, Elias Hahn wrote:

> I'm sorry, I didn't realize my second question was a stupid one.  I got an
> answer to it, although I did get insulted (AWESOME!  Makes me want to
> continue to use this list to learn!).  I still have nothing to cite that
> says " A slab on grade is nonstructural", and since this was a little bit of
> an argument, it's better to have literature to site than someones word,
> especially the word of someone who calls me a code monkey.
> Anyways, thanks to those who helped, I appreciated that.
>   _____
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> Gail
> Lighten up a little will you.  Bob's point was well made & didn't merit such
> a bilious reply.
> Chuck Utzman, P.E.
> Well, that was the part I didn't understand.  What was his point?
> Gail Kelley

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