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RE: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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I'm not in the loop on this thread, but figured I
could at least be of service.  JPRiley
  Lighten up a little will you.  Bob's point was well
made & didn't merit such a bilious reply.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.
Main Entry: bil·ious
Pronunciation: 'bil-y&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French bilieux, from Latin biliosus,
from bilis
1 a : of or relating to bile b : marked by or
suffering from liver dysfunction and especially
excessive secretion of bile c : appearing as if
affected by a bilious disorder
2 : of or indicative of a peevish ill-natured
- bil·ious·ly adverb
- bil·ious·ness noun 

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